Pixelmator Pro is the next iteration of Pixelmator for Mac, “the image editor for the rest of us” as the Pixelmator team themselves describe their flagship image editing app.

Pixelmator Pro for Mac boast an impressive toolkit for anyone needing to edit photos, get creative with images or generate artwork. In this session we demonstrated a wide range of the amazing new features available, including:

– The All New Pixelmator Interface
– Machine Learning Features
– Automatic Layer Naming
– Horizon Detection
– The Repair Tool
– Quick Selection Tool
– Adjustments
– Effects
– Perspective Transform
– Sharing Settings

If you’re moving from Pixelmator for Mac to Pixelmator Pro or even just thinking about doing so this live session will give you a great start with Pixelmator Pro.

We always have a great chat during the session and it’s a perfect opportunity to ask questions!


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